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We are building handmade wardrobes that express our creativity and integrate into our lifestyles and unique sizes and shapes.

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Learn new fitting techniques with us. Each of us is unique and our adjustments vary. Let's learn to execute them together!

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Maximize your makes

We will share how we mix ready-to-wear with handmade to create a wardrobe that transitions from season to season.

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to Sew Altered Style

We are thrilled that you have taken time to stop by and learn more about what we have in store! We intend to kick off 2018 with a set of projects that will build a fantastic capcule wardrobe to integrate well with the garments already in your closet!

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Muslins: What, Why and How

Who else is excited about the Make a Muslin challenge? I've only sewn a few Hey June patterns, but they've all been really well done.  And the new Bryce Cargos are seriously on point! I know muslining can be a serious drag -- we all want to get to a pretty finished garment as soon as possible.  ... READ the POST

Make a Muslin Challenge: Casual Pants and Jeans

Alright my friends - this post is ALL about that critical step in the sewing process that we all love to hate — the dreaded MUSLIN! As we all are ramping up for a completed pair of casual pants (in my case - a LEGIT pair of stretch jeans), we wanted to make this necessary step a little sweeter.  ... READ the POST

Casual Pants Fabric: Where to Find It

I loved Evelyn's discussion on fabric choice from Tuesday, but now you may be asking, "Katie, where do I find all those beautiful fabrics!"  Never fear -- I spend an inordinate amount of time perusing fabric shops and can always come up with some good ideas! So if you're still sourcing fabrics ... READ the POST

Choosing Fabric for Casual Pants

Hello from cold Ohio, where it’s white outside and lilting Christmas music is still playing inside! I am Evelyn, and hang out over on Instagram @sew.petite. This is my first blog post ever so I am really excited! With capsule wardrobes, the process of making a new garment becomes a lot more ... READ the POST

Jeansmaking 101: Choosing a pattern and size

We're making pants this month, so let's get down to it, eh? You've decided to dive in and make jeans!  Fitting, new techniques, hours of topstitching, and all.  But believe me when I tell you that making jeans isn't hard.  It takes time and patience, but it's not hard. But now that the ... READ the POST

Kicking Off 2018 RIGHT!

Welcome to Sew Altered Style! Ahhh - welcome 2018!  Each new year seems to bring with it endless opportunities for growth and fresh beginnings.  As 2017 came to a close, we found ourselves reflecting on what we were doing individually as sewing hobbyists (sewists, seamstresses, or whatever title ... READ the POST