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The Seasonal Sew 3

We announced our fall Seasonal Sew 3! Pick any 3 patterns and sew along with us during September, October and November. Email subscribers will be eligible for prizes along the way! To sign up for the newsleter click here.

Sew with Purpose

Me Made Everyday

We are building handmade wardrobes that express our creativity and integrate into our lifestyles and unique sizes and shapes.


Detailed Techniques

Learn new fitting techniques with us. Each of us is unique and our adjustments vary. Let's learn to execute them together!


Show it Off

We will share how we mix ready-to-wear with handmade to create a wardrobe that transitions from season to season.


to Sew Altered Style

We are building a community of passionate makers on the road to pushing the boundaries of their skillsets and wardrobes.

Whether you sew, upcycle or just like to create outfits and wardrobes that reflect your own personal style - you are welcome here, on Facebook and Instagram. See you soon!

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4 Sewing Patterns to Jump Start Your SewJo

Ah summer...filled lazy days and opportunities for adventures.  But summer is over (at least in the northern hemisphere) and fall is upon us.  For many of us that means diving back into sewing projects after a summer hiatus.  I don't know about you, but after a long break, I often need a quick ... READ the POST

Four tips for sewing faux (fake) leather

With the temperatures beginning to cool - it is time that I break out my faux (fake) leather jacket!  I sewed this one up just about a year ago, using McCalls M6844 - and made quite a few serendipitous newbie mistakes (namely selecting a woven for a knit sewing pattern - HA - live and learn, folks), ... READ the POST

Mac of Sew Altered Style shares 4 tips on sewing faux (fake) leather using McCalls M6844

How to Turn a Straight Waistband into a Curved Waistband

Not to be outdone by Mac, I also finished a pair of Persephone Pants!  In addition to lowering the rise (see how to do that here), I also desperately needed a curved waistband instead of the straight one in the pattern.  So I will show you how to do that today! But first let's take a few moments ... READ the POST

How to Shorten the Front Rise on the Persephone Pants

It is no exaggeration that I have been planning, and prepping, and sewing these Anna Allen Persephone Pants for quite possibly the last three months! I purchased the pattern back in June, thinking I would get started immediately. But there was one fairly significant hiccup; with no side seam, how ... READ the POST

Sew Altered Style shows you how to shorten JUST the front rise on the Persephone Pants - even though there’s no side seam!

Announcing: The Seasonal Sew 3

Over here at Sew Altered Style, we looooove to plan new sewing projects and capsule sets, but we really struggle to stick with our plans.  We both enter the year with grand plans and good intentions, only to fall off the wagon when a great new pattern releases or we enter into a new season, and all ... READ the POST

Tutorial How to Shorten a Metal Zipper & some Lander Shorts

I often hear sewists lament that they've been afraid to try sewing pants because they're just not sure how to shorten that darned metal zipper!  Well, I'm here to tell you that a metal zipper should never stand between you and the project of your dreams because shortening those zippers is so ... READ the POST