Make a Muslin Challenge: Casual Pants and Jeans

Alright my friends – this post is ALL about that critical step in the sewing process that we all love to hate — the dreaded MUSLIN! As we all are ramping up for a completed pair of casual pants (in my case – a LEGIT pair of stretch jeans), we wanted to make this necessary step a little sweeter.  That’s where this sewing challenge comes from; you can not only complete an important first step into the creation of a pair of pants that are altered to fit your unique body – but you can also WIN A PRIZE, no actually – potentially TWO!!!

    Welcome to the Muslin Challenge: Casual Pants

    Our generous sponsor, Hey June, has offered not one – but TWO prizes to those who decide to actually complete and post pictures of their completed muslins.  There will be one prize offered for a Facebook winner and another prize offered for an Instagram winner! So no matter your whether you are squarely #teaminstagram or #teamfacebook, you are still eligible to participate!  We are thrilled at the thought of women across the country (and even internationally), taking this opportunity to muslin in unison!  While prizes are ALWAYS a bonus – we hope that you will ultimately be encouraged to participate in the spirit of building community around a common goal.


    We will run the #makeamuslinchallenge from Friday, January 12 to Sunday, January 28.  This current version is for casual pants (a broad definition that includes jeans, joggers, culottes, wide leg pants, etc. – see this post here, here and here for details on how we are defining them and tips for getting started).  We hope to be able to offer similar challenges in the future – so let’s see how this one goes!  We have set the timeframe up this way to allow for three weekends and two weeks to complete a muslin.


    We will be running two simultaneous challenges, one on Instagram and the other on Facebook.  The winner of the Instagram challenge, will win a free copy of the highly anticipated Bryce Cargo pants from Hey June as soon as they release!  The winner of the Facebook challenge will win a credit for TWO patterns of choicesweet!  Yes, you can TECHNICALLY win both prizes, so we encourage you to share in both places – who knows what will happen!

    How to participate in the Instagram Challenge

    We will post a picture of the infographic at the top of this page to our Instagram page.  To participate, you will need to re-gram/re-post the image to your Instagram account with the words “challenge accepted” and the tags @sewalteredstyle and #makeamuslinchallenge.  Next, you will post a picture of your muslin (can be a flat lay, on a mannequin or modeled shot).  On Monday, January 29, a winner will be selected by Adrianna to win the Bryce Cargo pattern when it releases – we have included the sneak peek she released on Instagram below – aren’t you excited???

    View this post on Instagram

    Just a lil sneak peek at the pattern I’m currently developing! Look for it in 2018! #BryceCargoPants

    A post shared by Adrianna Appl (@heyjunehandmade) on Nov 14, 2017 at 8:17am PST

    How to Participate in the Facebook Challenge

    First, if you aren’t a member already, join the Sew Altered Style Society Facebook Group.  Next, when you are ready, post a picture of your muslin (it can be a flat lay, on a mannequin or modeled shot) to the wall with the tag #makeamuslinchallenge as well as drop a picture into the Photo Album “Make a Muslin Challenge: Casual Pants.”  A winner will be selected at random from the eligible entries on Monday, January 29th.

    Who’s In???

    We, at Sew Altered Style, are ALREADY gearing up.  We are selecting fabric and patterns, securing notions, and measuring ourselves (twice) to select a base size and jump right in.  Will you be joining us?

    – Mac

    PS – we will update this post with a FAQ section if we find that there is a need for one, so be sure to check back!

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