Halifax Hoodie in Structured Double Knit

Mac from Sew Altered Style shows her version of the Hey June Halifax Hoodie -- it's a great layering piece for cool weather!


    Have you ever had a cherished piece of fabric that sat in your closet for FAARRR too long waiting for the perfect opportunity?  That’s the case with this fabric…  See, I bought this fabric on my second trip to Mood and as a birthday present to myself — but I had no plans for it; I just occasionally pet it loved it from afar.  Over the last year and a half I must have taken it out every couple months and created garments in my head, but nothing would stick, so back on the shelf it went.  That is, until I finally decided enough was enough – this would become something this winter – before it gets too warm to wear it!

      Halifax Hoodie to the Rescue

      The Hey June Halifax Hoodie (aff link) is meant to be sewn up in sweatshirt fleece, french terry, cotton interlock, and other heavier weight knits.  This is some sort of textured polyester fabric that I can’t place (perhaps double knit or single faced quilted knit?) – but it is not the easiest fabric to work with.  In fact – some of the design decisions were specifically to ensure there was stretch where I needed it (cuffs, waistband, pocket bands).  I reached out to Mood to see if I could locate the fabric – but I doubt it will be available since I purchased it so long ago.  Will update if I figure it out!  Also – can we just admire all that fussy cutting I did to align the pattern from the cowl to the kangaroo pocket?!?!  This could have gone really well or been a complete failure!

        Adjustments for a Petite Fit

          I made a size small top adjusted to a size x-small hips.  Yep – that basically means I pretty much drew a straight line along the side seam (*smile – I own my rectangular, post-baby figure*).  I also removed 1/2″ above the bustline and 1.5″ at the  waist.  These are typical adjustments for me.  Realistically, I am JUST barely squeezing into this sweatshirt (especially in putting it on and taking it off) – but I have never shied away from a fitted garment.  And honestly, a more fitted garment just looks better proportionately on my frame.  So I guess I will just squeeze away!

            Unfortunately, you can see that the fabric bunches a little bit in the back – but not enough to bother me.  And it’s what I would expect in any garment that is both structured and does not have shaping seams/darts since I have a sway back.  I also probably could have pulled it down in the back – but this is real life, folks!

              I have to admit – I am pleased as punch with this garment.  Not only are all the insides neat and clean (I completed most of it on the serger), but I even added my first tag for good measure!  They are from Dutch Label Shop and are iron ons (so no need to stitch through my fabric.  I bought a set of 50, so I think they will last me through the end of the year.

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              I think this may have been the #bestdecision I’ve made this week – finally cutting this fabric that I’ve hoarded for two years from @moodfabrics and combining it with the @heyjunehandmade #halifaxhoodie and then slapping a personalized label on from @dutchlabelshop — I cannot WAIT to blog this one up! Oh – and I officially ran out of grey thread! 😂🤷🏽‍♀️🤪 . . #sewcialists #sewersofinstagram #sewingaddict #slowfashionblogger #slowfashionmovement #rtwfast2018 #diyfashionblogger #lovewhatyoumake #harperlumakes2018

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              Now for the Fun Part – Styling!

                    The details:

                    • Sweatshirt: Hey June Halifax (aff) with Mood Fabric
                    • Vest: Banana Republic (old – out of season)
                    • Jeans: J. Crew (old – similar here, without distressing)
                    • Knee Socks: Amazon (here)
                    • Boots: Clark’s (here)

                    I am realizing that I have a momiform (yep – a mom uniform) that would include a pair of distressed jeans paired with just about anything.  These jeans are one of my favorite pairs – get ready, you will see them often now that I am on a ready to wear fast (see this post from Goodbye Valentino for more on that)

                      Can I just share with you all how THRILLED I am to have made something that fits this well?  I can never get a fit like this in anything that I purchase from the stores, and now that I am taking my time with my projects (maybe too much time?), and cutting into my “good” fabric – I envision I will be FAR happier with what I make — and at the end of the day, isn’t that what it is all about??

                      Just For Fun

                      I thought I would add a dose of realness to this post (for anyone who has made it this far) – consider yourself graced with pictures of my cute kids – who are no longer stroller bound when I ask my husband to take photos for my blog.  And we honestly start every photo session with at least a couple shots of them in it.  I may start sharing them more often – I think anyone who has ever tried to capture a photo of themselves with small ones around should be able to relate!

                        Mac and her littles posing for the camera


                          Oh well – two out of three isn’t bad!

                          Well – I don’t know about you all – but it looks like I have got someone to go chase after!  Have you all tried the Hey June Halifax yet?  Or sewn any scrumptious stash fabric up?  Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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