Back to Basics 2018: Sew Yourself Some Wardrobe Expanders

    Prepping for Me Made May 2018

    This week marks the last full week (and weekend) before Me Made May 2018 begins!  We have a page dedicated to Back to Basics (with information about how and why Katie started it many years ago), but the basic concept behind it is – take a week to sew up those boring basic garments that expand your wardrobe so that you wear your me mades more often!  Ok, so of course your basics don’t have to be a total snore, but they SHOULD absolutely match with SEVERAL items in your closet and make what you already have more wearable!  Think of that as a mix of color, fabric type, and garment type.

      Each blogger on the tour has interpreted the theme in different ways – check out their posts below!  As each one goes live, we will update this list with specific hyperlinks.

        Blogger Line Up:

        April 23 | Creative Counselor
        April 24 | Heather Handmade
        April 25 | Handmade Frenzy
        April 26 | Harper + Lu
        April 27 | Sewing by Ti

        What – Prizes AND Inspiration???

        Yep – we each have lined up a prize for you to win – with simple ways to enter.  Be sure to read each blog post to see how to win each prize — I almost wish I wasn’t co-hosting so I could enter!

        Easy Peasy!  Each of us has lined up a special gift for a winner at random.  And hey, even if you don’t win a prize from the contest – we like to think we all win through getting the motivation to tackle the un-tackled (or ‘to-sew’ pile). 🙂

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