Mermaid Maxi by Diva Patterns + How to Wear Flesh-Toned Fabrics

Did you ever find a color that you loved, but had a hard time wear because it looked a little too much like, well, like you? As in, it was so close to your own skin color that wearing it made you feel as if you were literally wearing a second skin?

    That’s kind of how I felt about this double-brushed poly fabric from So Sew English.

      I love this shade of pink, but I have pink shades in my skin, so it’s hard for me to wear without feeling like I’m all one color.  Since it’s so close to my own coloring, I try to follow a few guidelines when I wear colors like this.

      How to wear skin-toned colors:

      1.  First and foremost, when I wear flesh-toned fabrics, I try to keep them away from my face.  That’s the approach I took with this Diva Patterns Mermaid Maxi Skirt.  The fabric was perfect for a skirt like this, and since it’s a skirt rather than a dress, I’m able to keep a little distance between the pink and my pink-ish face.
      2. Pull it in with shoes and accessories.  If a color is hard for me to wear in large amounts, I like to pull it into my outfit through my accessories.  Mauve shoes or a necklace can be a lot more palatable and a lot less overwhelming than all-over color.
      3. Use it in prints.  A floral or stripe with shades of your favorite skin tone color can be a great way to bring it in without overwhelming.  The other colors in the print will help provide a visual break.

        I was glad that I found a way to make this fabric work so well for this fabulous skirt!  I’m not a huge fan of double-brushed poly, but the weight and drape of it really was perfect for the Mermaid Maxi Skirt.  I shortened my skirt by about 6″ from the original pattern because I knew I wanted it midi length rather than maxi length.

          Only maxi lengths are included in the pattern, but shortening it turned out to be fairly straightforward.  I wanted to keep the length in the flare part at the end, so I simply cut it right above the flare, removed the 6″ I wanted, and then smoothed out the transition at the cut when I cut my fabric.  Easy peasy!

          And my skirt is so swishy!


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