5 Sleeveless Woven Tops for Summer Sewing

Sleeveless woven tops are a summer staple in my wardrobe! They're easy to make and easy to wear. I've rounded up 5 of my favorites!

Am I the only one who just loves summer?  I love pretty much everything about it — the slower schedule, the sunlight, the heat.  Ah yes, the heat.  I am being truthful when I say that I never complain about the heat in the summer, even when the thermometer hits 100 F or more, but I still dress appropriately!

    This Grainline Hadley is a summer staple!

    My favorite summer staple has to be sleeveless woven tops.  Not only are they easy and breezy to wear, but they are quick to sew and a great way to use smaller cuts of fabric.  Many woven tanks and camis only need a yard of fabric!

    Since I tend to live in woven tanks over the summer, I thought I’d share some of my favorites.


      Grainline Hadley

      First, let’s start with the top pictured above, the Grainline Hadley Top.  This pattern has both sleeved and sleeveless views, but I’ve only made the sleeveless.  I actually made this tank last summer, but I wear it all year round.  This purple Essex Linen from Fabric.com is perfect for hot summer days too!

        Love this deep V neck!

        Made by Rae Gemma

        Next up, one of my personal favorites — the Made by Rae Gemma.  This pattern was my winner in my last woven tank head-to-head comparison, and I still wear every Gemma I’ve ever made.  When I first made this pattern I cut the scoop neck option, and since I can be really lazy when it comes to taping and cutting patterns, that’s the only view I’ve ever made.  I’d love to give the jewel neckline a try though.

          This rayon Gemma makes request appearances

          True Bias Ogden Cami

          The True Bias Ogden Cami is one of the wonderful woven patterns that only requires a yard of fabric!  You can even squeak it out of a yard of 44″ fabric so long as you’re open to using a different fabric for facings and possibly the straps.  It’s a rare wearable woven pattern that only needs a yard of fabric, so I always count that as a win.  The Ogden is one of my favorites to throw on with pretty much anything on a hot day.  I love that I can layer it under a light cardi for work, and also throw it on with my jeans shorts for something more casual.

            Colette Sorbetto

            The Colette Sorbetto is a free pattern that always seems to evoke strong feels.  People either love it or hate it.  Italics included.  I rarely hear people ambivalent about this pattern.  Personally, I had really good luck with the Sorbetto.  I had to remove a bit of length above the bust, but that’s actually the modification I made.  And I love that it’s a free pattern, removing any financial barrier to making this great summer staple.

              Love Notions Cadence (aff)

              Last but certainly not least is the Love Notions Cadence Top (affiliate link).  The Cadence has a plethora of options, including various dress and tunic lengths, as well as sleeve options.  But at its most basic, it is a great simple woven tank.  I made this one in Essex Linen, and it works really well both for the office as well as for casual wear.

                Woven tops do require a bit more fitting than knit tops, but the fabric is a lot easier to work with, so I think that’s a fair trade off.  If you are new to sewing with wovens, a tank is a great place to start.  There aren’t many pieces, and they are wicked quick to muslin.  All you need is the front and back pieces, no finishes required.  If you’ve chosen a dartless pattern, your muslin consists of 2 pattern pieces and 4 seams (2 shoulders and 2 side seams).  With a darted pattern, add a couple of darts to that.  In any event, you can easily go from cutting to finished muslin in 20 minutes.

                    I love a quick muslin!

                    If you need me, I’ll be over here sewing up more summer tops!  Care to join me??


                    Did I forget your favorite sleeveless top?? Tell us in the comments!

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