Summer 10 x 10 Challenge

We are participating in the 10x10 challenge! W'll be sharing daily outfits on Instagram -- be sure to follow along!

If you follow the broader capsuling world, you’ve probably heard of Stylebee’s 10×10 challenge. Well the summer 10×10 starts today and we are both taking part!!

    What is the 10×10 challenge?

    The 10×10 is a capsuling challenge, plain and simple. The idea is to choose 10 items from your wardrobe and commit to wearing only those 10 items for 10 days.

    You can choose the days in whatever way works for you. That may be 10 consecutive days, or it may be 10 weekdays, or it may skip a day if you have an unusual event that will require a special outfit. In other words, it’s flexible.

    We both decided to go 10 consecutive days starting today, the first day of the challenge.

      What can you expect?

      We promise not to inundate you with daily posts here on the blog! Other than this introductory post, we will share a round up after the 10 days are up where we will share our outfits and thoughts on the challenge.

      But can I see your outfits before that??

        Of course!! Over the next 10 days, we will be sharing our outfits in real time over on Instagram! Since we are both participating, expect to see lots of us on IG during this time.

        We hope you will follow along with us!

        Are you participating in the 10×10? Leave us a comment letting us know where we can follow you!!

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