10 Pieces = 10 Outfits

Katie from Sew Altered Style shows how she put together 10 (or more!) outfits from just 10 pieces. Mixing and matching is key to a good capsule plan!

Well, Mac and I both successfully completed the Summer 10×10 challenge, and I wanted to share the capsule plan that I put together for that 10-day period.

I started with only 10 pieces from my closet — 8 garments and 2 pairs of shoes.  Here is what I chose:

  1. Distressed jeans shorts from ABLE
  2. Gray Durango tank (affiliate) by Hey June
  3. Pink Aida Top by Sew Liberated
  4. Blue striped Archer Shirt by Grainline Studios
  5. Black Coffeehouse Pants by Blue Dot Patterns
  6. Black Panama Tee Dress by Alina Designs
  7. Cream Suki Kimono by Helens Closet
  8. Black Ogden Cami by True Bias
  9. Black sandals
  10. White clog sandals from Zuzii (similar)

And here are the outfits I put together!


    The best thing that this 10×10 as opposed to others I’ve attempted in the past is that I really didn’t feel restricted this time around.  I planned well for the activites that I had going on, I didn’t get bored with what I’d chosen, and I gave myself some grace to not be perfect all the time.

    Tips for planning a 10×10 capsule:

    If you’re planning to try a 10×10 challenge, or need to plan a small capsule for an upcoming trip or the like, here are my tips to help you out!

    Tip 1 – Consider your activities

    This is the first and most important tip!  You need to consider what you’re going to be doing during the time of your challenge while you are planning.  If you’re going to spend 10 days in business meetings, don’t include jeans in your capsule.  If you’re climbing mountains, be sure to pack appropriately!  I knew that I would be traveling with my kids for a portion of the 10-day challenge, but would still be in the office for a few days. So I made sure to include my favorite jeans shorts and some comfy clothes as well as some things that were more professional.

      I felt comfortable dressing up and down.

      Tip 2 – Choose a cohesive color scheme

      A cohesive color scheme will really help your capsule plan.  With only 8 garments and 2 pairs of shoes, every single piece needs to work with every single other piece colorwise or else you will end up feeling restricted.  I went with a pretty neutral color scheme — black, cream, gray, pale blue and pale pink.  This is my signature color scheme, so I had plenty to choose from and felt comfortable wearing every piece.

        Tip 3 – Choose pieces that can do double-duty

        This was the game-changer for me!  I included two button-up shirts in my 10-piece capsule plan, and treated those items as both a top and a layer.  That simple change of mindset took me from 1 layer to 3 and from 2 tops to 4.  It’s amazing how many more options it gave me!

        I also made sure to choose pieces that were double duty in another way — items that I could wear both to work and on weekends.  I needed quite a few casual items since I was traveling with my kids, but I still needed to dress for work.  My Panama tee dress is really comfy but also looks professional, as do my Coffeehouse Pants.  And almost all of my tops were perfectly appropriate for all occasions.

          Tip 4 – Chose pieces you love

          The 8 garments that I chose are some of my favorites in my closet right now, so I was never disappointed in what I was wearing each day.  I had a few outfit combos that weren’t necessarily my favorites, but each piece was loved and comfortable.

          Tip 5 – Be flexible

          Don’t kick yourself if it’s not perfect!  We had one day during my 10-day challenge when I had planned to wear my jeans shorts, tank and Archer shirt.  But we ended up going hiking and swimming in Lake Superior in northern Wisconsin that day, so my plans had to change.  I swapped out my shorts for some comfy leggings and my sandals for my hiking shoes, and felt no regrets whatsoever.  These challenges aren’t meant to be rigid or cause guilt, so give yourself room to be flexible!

            This was an amazing day! And I gave myself flexibility to enjoy it comfortably.

            Tip 5 – Don’t forget accessories!

            Accessories can make or break an outfit and can make your 10 capsule plan pieces stretch soooo much further!  I have a few statement necklaces that I love, and my hats were on heavy rotation on my casual days.  Those additions helped keep me from getting bored during my 10-day challenge and added interest to my outfits.

              Did you participate in the Summer 10×10?  Would you ever consider it?  Tell us in the comments!

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