Announcing: The Seasonal Sew 3

Announcing the Seasonal Sew 3! A seasonal challenge for all makers out there -- select, share, and commit to making 3 items over the next 3 months.

Over here at Sew Altered Style, we looooove to plan new sewing projects and capsule sets, but we really struggle to stick with our plans.  We both enter the year with grand plans and good intentions, only to fall off the wagon when a great new pattern releases or we enter into a new season, and all last season’s wants fall by the wayside.  That’s why we are introducing the Seasonal Sew 3!

    Back in December 2017, we both meticulously planned out 9 pieces to sew this year for our Make 9 challenges (if you’re not familiar with the Make 9, you can read about it here).  We both love the Make 9 — both the community it has fostered within our larger sewing community as well as the push to sit down and look intentionally at our pattern stashes and commit to making things that we own.

    The problem we run into is that we are both very seasonal sewists.  We are terrible at planning ahead for coming seasons — if we can’t wear it tomorrow, we probably aren’t making it!  So back in December, we planned out 9 makes, all of which had a decidedly cool feel to them, so to speak. And we both live in places where the warm season lasts well over half the year.  See the problem there?

    That’s why we decided to launch our own Seasonal Sew 3!  Our goal is to work in a similar fashion as the Make 9 and work intentionally through our pattern stashes, but to break the year up into chunks thare are more manageable for us.


    What is the Seasonal Sew 3?

    The Seasonal Sew 3 is intended to be a low-key, come-and-go-as-you-please sewing challenge!  Each season, choose 3 patterns that you want to make that season and then commit to making them over a 3-month period.  You can sew up all 3 in a week or work more slowly, whichever works best for you.  Your 3 patterns can be ones you already have in your stash, but they don’t have to be.

    Each season we will share our Seasonal Sew 3 choices, and then share them with you as we complete them over the next 3 months.

    We will finish off each season with a round up of your Seasonal Sew 3 makes as well as some great prizes!  Details on entries, etc. to come.  Our “seasons” will run as follows:

    Fall: September through November

    Winter: December through February

    Spring: March through May

    Summer: June through August.

    We know that those of you in the southern hemisphere run on an opposite seasonal schedule as us northerners, so feel free to flip these seasons as needed for your climate!

    So without further ado, here are our Seasonal Sew 3 choices for Fall 2018!

    Katie’s Fall 2018 Sew 3:

      Clockwise from left: Somerfield Coat by Elbe Textiles; Persephone Pants by Anna Allen Clothing; Isla Top by Made by Rae Patterns

      Katie chose 3 patterns that should all work together fairly cohesively.  Stay tuned to see how she styles them and tweaks them to fit her own personal style!

      Mac’s Fall 2018 Sew 3:

      Mac also chose 3 patterns that can easily work together in a single outfit:

        Clockwise from top left: Cheyenne Shirt (affiliate) by Hey June Handmade; Lonetree Vest by Allie Olson; Persephone Pants by Anna Allen Clothing

        Yes, we both chose the Persephone Pants!  What can we say, not only are they the hottest thing in the indie sewing community right now (in every sense of the word), but they fit perfectly with our personal styles!

        We are excited to kick off our fall challenge!  Will you join us??

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