Tutorial: Easy 5-minute headband

Use this easy headband to tutorial to learn how to make a simple headband that takes 5 minutes to complete! Great for bad hair days!

I have a love-hate relationship with my hair — I always have.  I love it when my curls are behaving themselves, and hate it when they’re unreasonably difficult.  And frankly, that’s most of the time.  I discovered a really easy headband about a year or so ago, and they have been an absolute godsend on those days when I just CAN’T with my hair.

    They also came in very handy this summer when I frequently spent my evenings at windy baseball fields watching second grade baseball.  They helped keep me from going home with the entire infield in my hair!

      I am not joking when I say that I can make one of these buffs in about 5 minutes from first cut to final stitch.  They are THAT fast!

      So if you sometimes need a fix for an oily, desperately-needs-to-be-washed head of hair, here is how you can make your own:

      How to Make a Simple Headband


        Step 1: Choose fabric carefully

        First, I want to take a moment to talk about fabric choice for this project.  This headband works best if you use a lightweight jersey knit fabric with absolutely no spandex content.  That’s right, I said no spandex.  Fabric with spandex will constantly try to return to its original shape, which tends to make the headband quite tight.  Jersey knit with no spandex has less recovery and will stretch comfortably around the head.  If you must use fabric with spandex, you’ll want to make the buff a little bigger.

        Step 2: Cut your square

        One you’re chosen appropriate fabric, cut a square of fabric.  I find that a square measuring 18″ long and 21″ wide fits most heads very well.  I have a large head for a women (I have to wear a mens’ XL hat — women’s hats are always too small), and this size fits me comfortably.  It also fits my friends with smaller heads than mine.

          Cut a square of jersey knit 18″ by 21″

          Step 3: Fold the Square in Half

          Next, fold the square in half, right sides together, so that the short ends meet.  You now have a folded square that is 18″ tall and 10.5″ wide.

            Fold the square in half so you have a folded rectangle 18″ high and 10.5″ wide.

            Step 4: Sew Your Seam

            Sew your seam with a 1/2″ seam allowance.  Sew along the entire 18″ side where the raw edges meet.  You can use a serger here (that makes it faster), but you don’t have to.  Any stretch stitch would be just fine.

              Sew with a 1/2″ seam allowance.

              Step 5: Fold your Headband & Put it On!

              You’re done!  It is seriously that easy.  Just fold that headband in half, put it on and arrange the folds how you like.  I whipped out about a dozen of these one afternoon for myself, my daughter and a friend.  I always carry one in my purse and have a stash in my closet just in case.  They’re fantastic on days I don’t feel like doing my hair, and I think they’re cute on any other day too!

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