Self Care Sewing

Mac shares how she practices self care through sewing.

Self care has recently been a big topic in the sewing community. I don’t think it’s emergence is new – but rather a part of a broader cycle. Wax and waning creative cycles are defined by their seasons of slow-down.  Sometimes approaching a complete halt. I’d love to share with you my perspective on ways that I self-care and what self-care even means to me.

    Mac of Sew Altered Style in her Hey June Key Largo Top

    I was asked by Grace of Maker Mountain Fabrics to join a small blog tour that she was hosting on her site (link here to post). The prompt was very simple: how do you self care and how does sewing relate to it. She also sent me the most beautiful cut of Light Wash Chambray fabric to use to create my Cheyenne Tunic that I had been planning as my second make in my Seasonal Sew 3 – and one of my last patterns to complete in my Make Nine.

    Stay Tuned

    Well friends, I am SOOO close to a top that will be amazing (most likely flawed or rather etched with signs of handmade goodness), but after 3 muslins, video filming and hacking – I was burned out. So you know what I did? I paired my remnant fabric with a trusted pattern, and now have a basic that fits perfectly into my wardrobe! And the good news is that I will do a whole series on my Cheyenne Tunic.  More to come soon!

      Mac of Sew Altered Style in her Hey June Key Largo Top

      I would love to hear about the top three ways that you self care! Leave us a note in the comments (we really do read and respond to them!) – and check out my blog post while you are at it on Maker Mountain’s site (linked here).

      – Mac

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