White Sweater Styling Part I: Smart Casual

See how Katie styled her white Seamwork Astoria sweater into two smart casual looks. It's a great wardrobe builder to pair with statement pieces.

It’s my turn on the One Handmade Item; 4 Stylish Looks series!  While Mac went for a classic midi dress, I decided to stick with separates.

    I made the Seamwork Astoria sweater from this luscious merino jersey knit from the Fabric Store.  And since we can never just make a white shirt, I styled it up a few different ways for you.

    Smart Casual Look 1:

      For this first look, I paired my Astoria with the Pirate Pencil Skirt by Patterns for Pirates.  This pattern is free with the code in the P4P Facebook group (sssshhhh, the code is only for group members!)

      I wish I could direct you to this fabric because it’s one of my all-time favorites!  But alas, Cali Fabrics sold out of this fabric ages ago.

        I am solidly on record with a love for bodycon styles, and this skirt is no exception.  Not only is it appropriate for just about any event I would attend, but it’s really comfortable to boot!  There’s nothing fiddly about this skirt — it generally stays where I put it, is easy to move in, and can accommodate a large meal with ease!

          Look at that stripe matching, will ya?

          For those wanting a few details:  This is a heavyweight 4-way stretch ponte.  It is very thick and structured — almost like scuba.  It’s easy to work with, easy to wear, and holds up really well.  I made the high waist, below-the-knee version in size M.

          Smart Casual Look 2:

          For my second look, I went with an old favorite: my Winslow Culottes by Helens Closet!

            The Winslows were made to pair with a cropped top like the Astoria.  The high waist means there is no gaping to speak of, and the volume of the culottes needs a trim silhouette like the Astoria.

              This is a perfect office outfit.  It’s comfortable and very stylish.  I get compliments every time I wear these culottes, and I love that my Astoria pairs so well with them.  A simple white top makes a statement piece like the Winslows so much more wearable.

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              – Katie

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