Ease Into January – Easy Fit Pants Round Up

Well it’s January, and right on schedule the whole sewing community is making pants.  With the #sewfancypants challenge (watch this space and our IG feed for more #sewfancypants all next week!), DH Fabric’s Let’s Sew Together challenge, and several other pants-focused challenges, January is all about the pants.

Since everyone is gung ho about pants, we’re just going to go for it!  But Mac and I are a little jeans-ed out after our jeans-heavy 2018.  So instead of tackling meaty, complicated pants patterns, we’ve decided instead to ease into January with some easy-fit pants!  Want to take it easy with us??

As much as we love a good pair of fitted pants, sometimes you just needs a pants palette cleanser so to speak.  Jeans and other fitted pants feel like an accomplishment, but sometimes we just don’t feel like taking on such a time-instensive project.  The nice thing about easy fit pants is that they still feel somewhat accomplished, can still be fancy, but don’t present all the fitting challenges that can come along with more fitted pants.  So without further ado, here are a few easy-fit pants patterns to get you started:

1. Emerson Pants by True Bias

This is the easy-fit pants pattern that I put on my #seasonalsew3 list this winter — the Emerson Crop Pants by True Bias.  Kelli revised this pattern last year to include a high rise option, which really is what convinced me to finally make it.  I’ve had it in my stash forever, but I’m just not a low rise girl anymore, so it was great to finally have a high rise option.  I love the flat front waistband on this one with the front pleats.  Those details make it all look a little fancier — enough so that I can easily wear them to the office, and maybe even to court.

2. Palisade Pants by Papercut Patterns

Mac made the Palisade Pants from Papercut Pattern’s F/W 2018 collection, and I know I’m not the only one who was inspired by her pair to give this pattern a try!  I looooove the pocket detail on this pattern!  The flat front gives it a more formal look, and the legs are perfectly tapered.  This is a great easy-fit option that can look just as fancy as any more fitted pants pattern.

3. Guise Pants by Papercut Patterns

Speading of Papercut Patterns, how about the Guise Pants from their Chameleon collection a couple of years ago?  This pattern has the look of a more formal pair of pants, with its zip fly and button closure, with the ease of an elastic-back waistband for an easier fit.  I’m pretty sure I have this pattern in my stash — I’ll have to tackle it one of these days!

4. Harem Pants by Pattern Emporium

I haven’t sewn many Pattern Emporium patterns, but these Ladies Harem Pants are some of my most-worn work pants.  They’re nice and loose through the hip and thigh with an elastic waist.  I cropped them off and tapered the legs for a more office-appropriate look.  With those changes, they have definitely become a go-to garment that is very easy to fit, make, and wear.

5. Arenite Pants by Sew Liberated

Who can forget Mac’s amazing Arenite Pants?  These loose and flowy pants are the definition of effortless cool.  I think I need a pair of my own this year!  this pattern is a bit of a fabric hog, but oh so worth it for stylish and comfortable pants!

6. Winslow Culottes by Helen’s Closet

Our love for the Winslow Culottes is well documented.  Mac and I have both made this pattern multiple times and they get tons of wear in the warmer months.  The only fitting required on this pattern is the waist, which makes it the ultimate easy sew.  The rest of the garment is loose and flowy, with big box pleats at the front and back.  Those generous pleats give you a lot of fitting wiggle room.

7. Alexandria Peg Trousers by Named Clothing

Admittedly, I am a little on the fence about my Alexandria Peg Trousers, but there’s no denying that they’re comfortable!  The pockets on this pattern have really interesting construction, and the box pleats at the front, combined with an elastic waist, make them a very easy fit.  The legs taper nicely too.

8. Ninni Culottes by Named Clothing

Another of our favorites!  The Ninni Culottes are probably the definition of an easy-to-fit pants pattern.  The pattern is loose all through the waist, hip, and thigh.  They also feature an elastic waist, so they pretty much fit themselves.  Made up in a nice rayon challis, these are comfy enough to wear to a park play date, but dressy enough for the office or church.

9. Joanne Culottes by Ready to Sew

Ready to Sew is a new-to-us pattern company, but we just love their aesthetic!  The Joanne Culottes are loose and easy-to-fit like the Ninnis with an interesting waist and hip detail.

10. Coffeehouse Pants by Blue Dot Patterns

Last, but not least — the Coffeehouse Pants by Blue Dot Patterns.  This is a classic pair of elastic-waist pants featuring and easy fit and hip pockets.  I made these pants over the summer, and they were such a fast, satisfying sew!  I’d love to make another pair this summer.

Like I said earlier, making pants doesn’t have to be scary!  There are so many easy to fit and approachable patterns out there to help you ease into a pants-fitting journey.  Start with something easy, build a few skills, and then move on to something a little more complicated.  And so on and so forth.  Before you know it, you’ll be making fitted trousers and jeans!

But if you’re anything like us, you’ll come back to the easy to fit stuff in between meatier projets for a nice palette cleanser.

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