Blackwood Cardigan Round Up – Sew My Style 2019

Here at Sew Altered Style, we are solidly on record with our love for the Helens Closet Blackwood Cardigan! So when it was announced as one of the March patterns for Sew My Style 2019, we were solidly on board!

For our #sewmystyle host month, we decided to spotlight our many Blackwood cardigans, so you can see how this amazingly versatile pattern works in different fabrics and with different styling.

First up is this gorgeous blue Blackwood in a hacci knit from Knitpop. This is the longer view A with zero mods! It isn’t often that petite sewists like me get to make a pattern with no modifications whatsoever — just one of the reasons I love the Blackwood!

The fit on my Blackwoods is just about perfect. This blue cardigan goes with just about everything I own, and is perfect for my life chasing two small children! It’s a solid wardrobe staple.

But of course I couldn’t be content with just one Blackwood! I made this gray Blackwood a year ago from a gorgeous luxe soft rib knit from Cali Fabrics. While the blue hacci is a little more structured, this rib knit is drapey and hugs my body so nicely.

And yes, I’ve only made View A of this pattern. The hip length version is nice, and would be great if I had to go into an office. But since I work at home, the longer cardigan is much more my style.

I’m not the only one around here who has a love affair with the Blackwood. Katie has made her fair share too. She made this striped version in a midweight cotton knit from Girl Charlee:

Sadly this fabric sold out years ago. It is the perfect weight for a cardigan like the Blackwood — heavy enough for some warmth in the cooler months, but light enough for a spring layering piece. And the stripes — swoon!

Last but not least, Katie made another Blackwood in this gorgeous caramel merino wool from the Fabric Store. This cardigan is a great neutral basic, and such a good way to incorporate this popular color.
The full-length View A was a little long for Katie, so she shortened the main pieces by 4 inches to get the perfect length for her. Luckily, that is a really easy modification, and now the pattern is fitted just to her liking.
Pattern Spotlight
Pattern Description
Blackwood is a versatile cardigan designed for layering. It has a fitted design and extra long sleeves with minimal extra fabric in the front. It is intended to be worn open and does not close at the front.
Pattern Alterations or Design Changes
Minimal! I don’t make any changes to my View A cardigans. Katie shortened hers by 4 inches to get just the right length.

Final Thoughts
This is one of our favorite patterns. It’s versatile, easy to wear and easy to sew. the whole thing comes together in no time flat, and it incorporates seamlessly into wardrobes of all sorts.

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