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We know that committing and sticking to a goal can be hard. That's why we designed this free habit tracker to help you succeed in your self care goals!

It’s officially week 2 of the Maker Self Care challenge!  This week’s focus is physical wellness — making sure we are taking care of our bodies.  You know, since we have to live in that body for the rest of our lives!

But we also know that it’s easy to make a commitment, but often harder to stick with that commitment and see it through to the end.

For Mac and I , accountability is absolutely key to seeing our goals through.  And since we both love to check a box — DONE — we love a good habit tracker.

To that end, we put together a free download for you — a simple habit tracker to help you keep track of your goals and accomplishments.  It’s tailored to this challenge, but can be used to track any goal you want!  We hope it helps you stick with those self-care commitments!


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