Coming Soon — the Misty Top & Dress!!!

It's been quiet around here but we have been working hard behind the scenes to bring you the very first Sew Altered Style pattern -- the Misty Top & Dress!!

It’s been FAR too quiet here on the blog lately!  Even though Mac and I have been quiet on the blog front, we have been busy bees elsewhere.  The main reason for that is:  We are getting ready to launch our first sewing pattern!!

The Misty Top & Dress is an easy-to-wear camisole top and dress with lots of options, and lots of care given to make it as easy to fit as possible.

    We decided to go with as inclusive a size range as we realistically could for this pattern, and we included 2 different bodices pieces, one with an A/B sewing cup, and one with a C/D sewing cup.  Our size range extends from 0-30, which includes full bust measurements from 32″ on the low end up to 59″ on the high end.

    We don’t have a set release date yet, but we are targeting the very end of July or very beginning of August.  Which means there isn’t much longer to wait!  Our amazing tester team has been working with us behind the scenes to fully test the pattern and instructions to make sure we deliver you a great product.

    If you are not signed up for our newsletter yet, be sure to do that so you are the first to know when we release!  Hoping to see lots of Mistys around the Internets in the near future!

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