Misty Top & Dress Tester Round Up

See our testers' beautiful Misty tops and dresses! We had 45 sewists test the Misty in every size to make sure we got the pattern right!

We had 45 amazing sewists help us test the new Misty Top & Dress pattern so we could be sure we got it right before releasing it to all of you!  We tested every size, both cup sizes and every view to work out as many kinks as possible prior to release.

Now it’s impossible for a single pattern to fit every body perfectly straight out of the envelope, so we not only allowed but encouraged our testers to make simple fitting adjustments as needed for their body.  We want our pattern to be the best starting point for as many people as possible, but we also know that fit alterations are necessary to get a great-fitting garment (it’s even in our name — Altered!)

These testers were engaged and gave us fantastic feedback on how we could make the pattern better, and help all of you get a great fit for your body as well.  Let’s admire their work, shall we?

Get the Misty! Jackie — View A, Size 6 C/D cup

If you’ve followed our blog for a while, you may remember Jackie from way back in the beginning when she guest blogged a fantastic jeans fitting post for us.  (And if you didn’t, you can check it out here).

For the Misty test, Jackie made View A in size 6 with the C/D cup front.  She raised the dart by 5/8″ to get it in the perfect spot for her, and then shortened the short strap by 1 1/4″ and the cross strap by 2″ to get them to lay perfectly!  The straps are drafted long to accommodate as many bodies as possible — it’s quite easy to shorten straps during construction, but trickier to lengthen them 🙂

Jackie’s measurements: HB 33″; FB 36″; Waist 35″; Hip 41″.

        Shalini — Views A & C, size 12 C/D cup

        We only required our testers to make a single final version for the test (and a muslin during the fitting stage), but Shalini made 4 tops during testing!  She made both Views A and C and then combined the two for a different look.

        Shalini blended from a size 12 C/D cup at the bust to a 14 at the hip, and shortened the bodice by 1″ at the waist.  She also took a couple of inches off the straps to get the length right.

        Shalini’s measurements: HB 37″; FB 39″; Waist 35″; Hip 42″.

              Teameaka — View D; size 10 C/D cup

              Teameaka made 3 dresses during testing!  She made size 10 with the C/D cup bodice blended to a size 12 at the hip.  Her only modification was to shorten the straps!

              Teameaka’s measurements: HB 36″, FB 38″, Waist 33″, Hip 40″. 

                    Kelsey — View D; size 6 C/D cup

                    Kelsey made two beautiful dresses during our testing period.  I want both of these!  She made a size 6 with the C/D cup on top and blended down to a size 2 at the hips.  Her only only modification was to shorten the straps by 2″.

                    Kelsey’s measurements: HB 33″, FB 36″, Waist 27.5″, Hip 36″.

                          Brittany — View A; size 20 A/B cup

                          Brittany made a size 20 with the A/B cup, blending to a size 24 at the hip.  She also removed 1/2″ of length horizontally at the center back for a swayback adjustment.

                          One of the changes we made as a result of testing was adjusting the strap placement notches on Views A and B.  The straps are positioned closer together in the final version.

                          Brittany’s measurements: FB 47″, Waist 43″, Hip 56″.

                              Leanne — View C, size 2 C/D cup

                              We love Leanne’s little photo bomber!  And her Misty Top of course 🙂  Leanne made a straight size 2 with the C/D cup front and no alterations!

                              Leannes measurements: HB 31.5″, FB 34″, Waist 27″, Hip 37″.

                                    Melissa — View A, size 8 A/B cup

                                    Melissa looks amazing in her View A top, as always!  She made a size 8 with the A/B cup front, with a size 6 in the back to account for her narrow back.  Her only modification was to shorten the straps to position the dart correctly!

                                    Melissa’s measurements: FB 35.75″, Waist 28″, 42.5″.

                                          Amy — View B; size 28 A/B cup

                                          Amy used the A/B cup front piece in size 28 for her linen dress.  She lengthened the dress by 1.5″ at the waist and 1.5″ at the hem for 3″ total.  Amy is 5’11”.

                                          Amy’s measurements: FB 55″; Waist 49″; Hips: 55.5″.

                                            Laura — View A, size 18 C/D cup

                                            Laura made 4 tops during testing in all different fabrics!  Don’t you just love those medallions?  We’re hoping we can talk her into doing a fabric comparison on the blog 🙂

                                            Laura made a size 18 with the C/D cup front piece and no alterations!

                                            Laura’s measurements: FB 46″, Waist 38″, Hip 46″.

                                                  Andrea — Views B & C; size 4 A/B cup

                                                  Andrea made what may be my all-time favorite Misty Top.  Those cherries are to die for!  She made both a top and dress during testing.  For the dress, she cut two main pieces to fully line her vintage eyelet, and for the top, she cut her fabric on the bias.  Those were her only alterations!

                                                  Andrea’s measurements: HB 32″; FB 34″; Waist 27″; Hip 38″.

                                                          Darlena — View A, size 14 A/B cup

                                                          Darlena’s top is gorgeous!  She made a size 14 with the A/B cup front piece.  She added one inch to the length and removed 1.75″ from the straps.  Her fabric was sheer, so she swapped out the facings for a full lining, and used a serged rolled hem.

                                                          Darlena’s measurements: HB 39″, FB 41.5″, Waist 37″, Hip 44″.

                                                                Lyndsay — View D, size 24 C/D cup

                                                                Lyndsay’s View D dress caught our eye from the moment we saw it!  That color!  

                                                                Lyndsay made a size 24 with the C/D front piece and no fitting adjustments!  She did raise the pockets and belt loops, which is an adjustment we made to the final pattern so these appear where they will be on your Misty dress!

                                                                Lyndsay’s measurements: FB 49″, Waist 47″, Hip 57″.

                                                                    Martha — View A; size 22 C/D cup

                                                                    Martha is rocking her View A top, which she made in size 22 with the C/D cup front and blended to a size 26 at the hip.  She removed 2″ of width from the back piece only to account for her narrow back.

                                                                    Martha’s measurements: FB 49″; Waist 46″; High hip 54″

                                                                        Narelle — View C; size 6 A/B cup

                                                                        For her top, Narelle made a straight size 6 with minimal modifications. She shortened the strap by 3″ to make it the perfect length for her, and took a smaller hem to account for her long torso.

                                                                        Narelle’s measurements: FB 88cm; Waist 69cm; Hip 99 cm.

                                                                              Aaronica — View C, size 16 C/D cup

                                                                              Aaronica used the most beautiful mustard fabric for her View C top!  Aaronica made a size 16 with the C/D cup front and no major fitting modifications.

                                                                              Aaronica’s measurements: HB 39″, FB 44″, Waist 45″, Hip 58″.

                                                                                    Steph (sewing for her daughter Olivia) — View A, size 0 A/B cup

                                                                                    Steph sewed this darling View A top for her equally darling daughter Olivia.  Steph made Olivia a size 0 top with the A/B cup front.  She shortened the strap and used the instructions in the Misty instruction packet to raise the bust dart!

                                                                                    Olivia’s measurements: FB 32″, Waist 25″, Hip 32″.

                                                                                          Alex — View A, size 18 C/D cup

                                                                                          We love how Alex styled her Misty top with a bralette — such a fun look!

                                                                                          For her View A top, Alex made a size 18 with the C/D cup front.  Her only change was to lengthen the straps to fit her unique body!

                                                                                          Alex’s measurements: FB 47″, Waist 42″, Hip 50.5″.

                                                                                                Shirley — View C, size 4 A/B cup

                                                                                                Shirley’s VIew C top is one of my favorite!  I just love that ditsy floral fabric — so perfect for a cami.

                                                                                                Shirley made a size 4 with the A/B cup front.  She took a larger side seam, which probably brought her size down to a size 2.  She shortned the strap by several inches, and raised the darts 1 cm.  

                                                                                                In the final version, we raised the bust darts on the A/B bodice by 1/2″, so this dart placement is what you will see in the final pattern!

                                                                                                Shirley’s measurements: FB 33.5″, Waist 27″, Hip 37″.

                                                                                                      Courtney — View D, size 18 C/D cup

                                                                                                      Courtney’s red dress is a real head turner!  She made size 18 with the C/D cup front with an additional FBA to add 1″ of width to the front bodice.  Her other modification was to widen the straps by 1/2″ and shorten them by several inches.

                                                                                                      Courtney’s measurements: HB 43.5″, FB 49″, Waist 41″, Hips 46″.

                                                                                                            Sarah — View D, size 12 A/B cup

                                                                                                            Sarah’s View D dresses are perfect for her hot Southwest summers!  She made a straight size 12 with the A/B cup front.  Her only fit modification was to shorten the strap for her body.  She also shortened the dress hem by 1.5″.

                                                                                                            Sarah’s measurements: HB 37.5″, FB 39″, Waist 33″, Hip 40″.

                                                                                                                  Pamela — View B, size 16 C/D cup

                                                                                                                  Pamela made a View B dress in the short dress length, which hits right around the knee. She made a straight size 16 with the C/D cup front.

                                                                                                                  Pamela’s measurements: FB 44″, Waist 43″, Hip 46″.

                                                                                                                        Susan — View D, size 0 A/B cup

                                                                                                                        Susan made a size 0 with the A/B cup front.  She took out some width from the center front to fit her body with no other fit adjustments.  She added some length overall by doing a narrow rolled hem instead of the deeper 1.5″ hem.

                                                                                                                              Melissa — View C, size 8 C/D cup

                                                                                                                              Melissa made a size 8 with the C/D cup front for her amazing red top!  She blended to a size 10 at the hip, and did a slight swayback adjustment to remove 3/4″ of length at the center back.  She shortened the straps by 2″ and widened them slightly to an even inch (they are drafted at 3/4″).

                                                                                                                              Melissa’s measurements: HB 35″, FB 37.5″, Waist 30″, Hip 41″.

                                                                                                                                  Rose — View D, size 20 C/D

                                                                                                                                  Rose did an amazing job on her floral View D dress!  We also love how she styled it with a loose wrap.

                                                                                                                                        Rebekah — View A, size 14 C/D cup

                                                                                                                                        We love that Rebekah took advantage of that center front seam to make chevron stripes!  We kept talking about making one like this but haven’t gotten around to making it yet.  But Rebekah knocked it out of the park!

                                                                                                                                        Rebekah made a size 14 with the C/D cup front and an additional 1″ FBA.  She also lowered the darts by 1″ and sewed the straps with a smaller seam allowance to widen them slightly.  She shortened the body of the top by 2″ (a common adjustment for her), and moved the straps a little closer together.  We moved the strap placement notches in the final pattern, so this is where they appear in the final as well!

                                                                                                                                        Rebekah’s measurements: HB 39″, FB 44″, Waist 36″, Hip 46″.

                                                                                                                                              Shari — View C, size 26 C/D cup

                                                                                                                                              Shari was relatively new to fitting when she started this test, and it was such fun to help her get her sizing right!  Shari made a size 26 with the C/D cup front piece.  She shortened the strap but ultimately needed no other adjustments!

                                                                                                                                              Shari’s measurements: FB 54″, Waist 50″, Hip 56″.

                                                                                                                                                Tiffany — View D, size 14 A/B cup

                                                                                                                                                Tiffany used a lovely gauze for her view D dress and it looks so comfy!  She made a size 14 with the A/B cup front and blended to a size 18 at the hips.  She also shortened the straps by several inches to position the dart and armscye correctly for her.

                                                                                                                                                Tiffany’s measurements: HB 40″, FB 42″, Waist 41″, Hip 50″.

                                                                                                                                                      Kelly — View A, size 12 C/D cup

                                                                                                                                                      Kelly’s View A top is such fun!  She made a size 12 with the C/D cup front.  She did a swayback adjustment to remove 1.5″ of length from the center back and shortened the straps by 1/2″.

                                                                                                                                                      Kelly’s measurements: HB 37.5″, FB 42″, Waist 39″, Hip 46″.

                                                                                                                                                            Whitney — View C, size 12 C/D cup

                                                                                                                                                            Whitney made two gorgeous View C tops that are perfect for pretty much any occasion!  She made size 12 with the C/D cup front.  Her only modification was to shorten the straps by 3.5″.

                                                                                                                                                            Whitney’s measurements: HB 36.5″, FB 39.5″, Waist 33″, Hip 38″.

                                                                                                                                                                Natasha — View B, size 2 A/B cup

                                                                                                                                                                Natasha made a size 2 with the A/B cup front for her View B dress.  She moved the bust dart up by 2″ to get it positioned correctly for her body.  She also added 3/4″ of length at the waist and used a narrow hem instead of the deeper 1.5″ hem.

                                                                                                                                                                Natasha’s measurements: FB 32.5″, Waist 28.5″, Hip 39″.

                                                                                                                                                                      Robynne — View A, size 12 C/D cup

                                                                                                                                                                      Robynne used an aaaaaaah-mazing silk for this View A top.  We love it so much!  This is a size 12 with the C/D front piece and no other fit modifications.

                                                                                                                                                                      Robynne’s measurements: HB 37″ FB 40″, Waist 36″, Hip 47″.

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