Sew Social Workshop #2 with Alina Designs

This workshop was notable for us because it was the first time that Mac and I had the opportunity to teach a class together.  I’ve taught with Leslie of Threadbear Garments for a previous workshop, but this time we were privileged to have Mac fly in from DC to help us and to hang out.  Even though we live halfway across a very large country from each other, every time we are together, it feels like I’m meeting up again with a lifelong friend with whom distance is no obstacle.  We talk and laugh just as if we saw each other last week when nearly a year passed since we last met up in person.

For this workshop we were joined by the amazing Alina herself from Alina Sewing + Design Co!  Our students made either a Fulton Sweater Blazer or a Panama Tee Dress, and it was such a special experience to have the designer herself in the room as we taught.  Not only did Alina give us a close-up sneak peek of an upcoming pattern expansion, but she was an invaluable resource when it came to fitting issues and alterations on her patterns.

Alina’s help and advice was especially valuable for Sierra, who flew in all the way from Massachusetts for the workshop.  Sierra was slightly out of the size range, so Alina worked hard with her to customize the Fulton sweater blazer to her measurements!

Our host for the event was Jessi from Hound47.  Jessi runs a variety of workshops for children out of her home, so it was perfectly set up for our event.  Not only was Jessi’s home beautiful, but she cooked a bunch of amazing food for us too!  Let me tell you, it was delish.

After all the sewing was done, we met up with a few other sewing bloggers to chat about life, fabric and sewing.  Sierra had flown in from Massachusetts, and Sam was also in attendance from Arizona.  Lori was a last-minute and most welcome addition to the workshop (talk about a font of knowledge!).  Star drove up from Wichita and Michelle drove down from Omaha to join us for a night out.  I loved having the opportunity to convert these online friendships into real-life relationships.

It’s hard for my words to convey the overwhelming sense of welcome and warmth that we felt after this workshop.  We talk a lot about this community and how grateful we are to be a part of it. We are even more grateful for the opportunities that we have had (and hopefully will continue to have) to take this online community into the real world.  We always value the chances to meet and talk with fellow sewists in person.  I cannot exaggerate the wealth of knowledge that was present in that workshop in February, or the comaraderie that we experienced after.  So instead of trying, I’ll leave you with a few images of our day.  Thanks so much to all who joined us for this workshop or for events afterwards.  We are eternally grateful to all of you!

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