Dionne Duster Tester Round Up

We had another fantastic group of sewists help us test our latest pattern, the Dionne Duster Cardigan.  Our testers are such an important part of the pattern development process and help us work out all kinds of kinks before release! Get the Dionne! Bernice — View A, Size 4 A/B cup Bernice made two View A dusters during testing and we love how they came out! She shortened the pattern in several places to adjust for her own body.

Bernice’s thoughts on the Dionne:  “This is a flattering duster that fits in the shoulders and bust and has a great flow around the waist and down. I love the balloon sleeves included with this pattern. I did not add slits to my duster but will make one with slits for the warmer months.”

Bernice’s measurements: HB 33″; FB 34.5″; Waist 29″; Hip 36.5″.

        Allysia– View A, size 18 C/D cup We adore the bold mustard that Allysia used for her View A Dionne Duster!  This is such a bold look, but still so comfy.

        Allysia’s measurements: HB 42″; FB 48″; Waist 39.5″; Hip 48″.

            Amanda — View B; size 2 A/B cup Amanda opted to add ties to her View B Dionne in place of the button placket and we love how this turned out!  Such an easy hack, and it’s both cute and versatile.

            Amanda’s measurements: HB 32″, FB 33″, Waist 28″, Hip 34″.

              Ashley — View A; size 12 A/B cup Ashley wanted a flowy, oversized look for her cardigan, so she sized up one size to suit her taste.

              Her thoughts on the Dionne: “I didn’t know I had a Duster shaped hole in my life until this came along. Now I am terrorising my poor family bu swishing around the place in it! In other words highly recommended the Dionne Duster 😉”

              Kelsey’s measurements: HB 93cm, FB 96cm, Waist 73 cm, Hip 91 cm.

                    Cindy — View B; size 18 C/D cup Cindy opted for the long cardigan length for her View B cardigan, and we can definitely see how this versatile cardigan would be a quick wardrobe staple.  She shortened the pattern at the waist and hem to fit her body.

                    Cindy’s thoughts on the Dionne: “Thank you letting me test the Dionne Duster Cardigan! For a beginner like me, the instructions were great and easy to follow. I was able to make this from start to finish in about 3ish hours. I love the variations included and plan to make a few more. I think this pattern will be quite versatile depending on the fabric and combination you choose.”

                    Cindy’s measurements: HB: 105cm, FB: 115cm, Waist 100cm, Hip 114cm.

                      Elisah — View B, size 6 A/B cup We love how Elisah used contrast stitching to take her versatile View B long cardigan up a notch.  She also added buttons for a simple closure.

                      Elisah’s measurements: HB 33″, FB 34.5″, Waist 31″, Hip 40″.

                            Esper — View A, size 6 A/B cup This gorgeous print makes a stunning Dionne Duster!  Esper opted for the long cardigan length, and made no changes to the pattern.

                            Her thoughts: “I think that what I liked most is how inclusive you are : the wide range of sizes testifies to it, of course, but also ‘small’ things (which are not small in fact!) : the different silhouettes at the end of the instructions, the instructions in both short and extensive versions depending on your level … I also liked how the pattern and instructions were both informative and practical: the explanation about the name of the pattern, the chart telling you which pages to print, the fact that your size appears at the corner of every pattern piece so you don’t forget which size you cut (I never write them down on my pdfs and always end up not knowing which size I picked…). Last, but not least, the pattern itself is really fun to sew, quick and easy yet with a great fit. The different lengths and sleeve options will allow me to make lots of them and still feel like I have many different outfits. So, in one word : thanks! And congratulations! (Ok, that was 2 words).”

                            Esper’s measurements: HB: 87cm, FB 92cm, Waist 76cm, Hip: 100cm.

                                  June — View B; size 14 C/D cup June’s striking floral Dionne Duster is definitely a statement piece!  She opted for the long cardigan length and made no adjustments to the pattern.

                                  Her thoughts: “The Dionne Duster is a great cardigan. It has lots of options for length, sleeve length with cuffs. You can create your own unique look. Plus it fits great.”

                                  June’s measurements: HB: 38″, FB 44″; Waist 36″; Hips: 44″.

                                      Kaeli — View A, size 28 C/D cup Kaeli used the front pieces on the View A Dionne Duster for some color blocking!  The result is a dramatic statement piece, particularly in the full duster length.  Love!!


                                            Kirsten — View A; size 12 C/D cup Kirsten made two View A cardigans during testing — one long cardigan and the short cardigan seen here.  She made no changes to the pattern.

                                            Her thoughts: “The Dionne Duster is so versatile and so flattering! The instructions are impeccably clear and it was one of the quicker projects I’ve ever sewn! I highly recommend this pattern!”

                                                Lilia — View B, size 20 C/D cup How amazing is the geometric print that Lilia used for her View B long cardigan!  She made no changes other than to shorten the sleeves.

                                                Lilia’s thoughts on the Dionne: “Nice simple cardigan, easy and quick to make, but with different possibilities- quite versatile.”

                                                Lilia’s measurements: HB 117cm, FB 127cm, Waist 118cm, Hip 132cm.

                                                    Michelle — View A, size 12 A/B cup Michelle chose such a beautiful color for her View A long cardigan cardigan!  She shortened the pattern at the waist to fit her body.

                                                    Her thoughts on the Dionne: “The Dionne Duster Cardigan is a winner! A cleverly designed, beautifully flattering garment, perfect for layering and so versatile. With the different lengths, pocket and sleeve detail, try it in various fabrics for completely different garments. I can’t wait to make my next one!”

                                                    Michelle’s measurements: HB: 89cm, FB 95cm, Waist 81cm, Hip 101cm.

                                                        Pamela — View A; size 16 A/B cup Pamela mashed View A and View B for her long cardigan.  The sleeves are interchangeable, which doubles your cardigan options!

                                                        Her thoughts: “I love my Dionne Duster. I made View A with View B sleeves. I love the slouchy pocket and the seamline down the right and left fronts. I will definitely be making more of this at all different lengths.”

                                                        Pamela’s measurements: HB: 41″, FB 43.5″; Waist 39.5″; High hip 44″

                                                              Rosita — View B; size 18 A/B cup Rosita’s bold yellow short cardigan was a perfect choice for her!  It’s a perfect layering piece and kicks any outfit up a notch.

                                                              Rosita describes the Dionne Duster as a “great beginner friendly pattern!”

                                                              Rosita’s measurements: HB: 43″, FB 45″; Waist 36″; Hip 48″.

                                                                  Sarah — View A, size 12 A/B cup Sarah made two View A long cardigans during testing, and we imagine they will get a lot of use!

                                                                  Her thoughts: “Not a basic cardigan! The sleeves, the pockets, and the length all make this a regal pattern! I’ve been swooshing around my house for days – I’m so in love with my Dionnes!”

                                                                  Sarah’s measurements: HB 37.5″, FB 39.5″, Waist 33″, Hip 40″.

                                                                      Jennifer — View A, size 16 C/D cup Jennifer opted for the long cardigan length for her View A Dionne.  We love the dramatic balloon sleeves in that equally dramatic blue fabric.  Such a gorgeous result!

                                                                      Her thoughts: “This is such a cute cardigan. I love how the pockets feel secure being enclosed in the seams and the bishop sleeves are so fun!”

                                                                      Jennifer’s measurements: HB: 40.5″, FB 45″, Waist 34″, Hip 45″.

                                                                            Sarah — View A, size 00 A/B cup Sarah’s pink/mauve cardigan is exactly what I’ve been imaginging for my next Dionne Duster!  This fabric couldn’t be any more perfect.  Sarah made our newest size — 00 — and combined the View A body with the View B sleeves.

                                                                                  Amy — View A, size 8 A/B cup Amy opted for an uber-versatile neutral duster for her Dionne and it couldn’t be more perfect!

                                                                                  Her thoughts: “This pattern filled a hole I didn’t even know I had in my wardrobe! The Dionne Duster is super comfy and flattering ~ I love it!”

                                                                                  Amy’s measurements: HB: 35″, FB 37″, Waist 32″, Hip 42″.

                                                                                        Esther — View B, size 0 A/B cup Esther’s View B duster is a show-stopper in that gorgous mustard knit!

                                                                                        Esther’s measurements: HB 31″, FB 32″, Waist 26″, Hips 35″.

                                                                                              Sierra — View B, size 26 C/D cup We were so happy to have Sierra test the Dionne Duster for us!  Her View B short cardigan is perfection, and the perfect layering piece for the office or weekend.

                                                                                                    Sonia — View A, size 14 C/D cup Sonia is in the southern hemisphere, so instead of a transitional layering piece, she made her sleeveless duster in a lightweight knit and will use it as a beach cover up in addition to a light summer layer.  Brilliant!

                                                                                                    Sonia’s measurements: HB: 93cm, FB 110cm, Waist 87cm, Hip 112cm.

                                                                                                          Susan — View B, size 4 A/B cup Susan made a View B in size 4 with the A/B cup front.  We love that she chose the full duster length — such a great length on her!

                                                                                                          Susan’s measurements: HB: 32″, FB: 34″, Waist: 27″, Hip: 36″.

                                                                                                              Esi — View A, size 12 C/D cup

                                                                                                              Esi made a size 12 C/D but blended to a size 10 at the hip to best fit her body.  We love how she used a solid black for the band — such a fun detail!

                                                                                                                  Teri — View A, size 10 A/B

                                                                                                                  Teri used a gorgous floral for her View A long cardigan!  She blended to a larger size at the hip and added some extra width at the bicep.

                                                                                                                  Her thoughts on the pattern: “The Dionne Duster is a great pattern with so many options to create the perfect cardigan! I sewed the full length cardigan with Bishop sleeves and I can’t wait to try the cropped version with the regular sleeves. The pattern comes together quickly and is really fun to sew and wear.”

                                                                                                                  Teri’s measurements: HB: 36″, FB: 37″, Waist: 31″, Hip: 44″.

                                                                                                                        Tori — View A, size 18 C/D cup

                                                                                                                        Tori’s charcoal View A duster length Dionne is so versatile!  

                                                                                                                        Her thoughts: “The Dionne duster pattern is a super cute, easy and versatile look. The fact that you can create 3 different cardigans with one pattern and there are markings for any sort of changes you might make to fit your body is amazing. I love the size inclusivity from 00-30 so everyone is able to wear this look.”

                                                                                                                        Tori’s measurements: HB 47″, FB 49″, Waist 43″, Hip 50″.

                                                                                                                            Whitney — View B, size 10 C/D cup

                                                                                                                            Whitney made 2 View B cardigans during our testing period — one in duster length and one long cardigan.  We love both her versions!

                                                                                                                            Her thoughts: “What another great wardrobe staple from Sew Altered Style. They have taken the basic cardigan and upped the style factor with some great sleeves options and dramatic hem lengths. This is definitely a pattern that can be sewn up a 100 different ways and never look the same. Well done, ladies!”

                                                                                                                            Whitney’s measurements:HB: 36″ FB 39.5″, Waist 33″, Hip 39″.

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