Mood Sewing Network – Rayon and Tencel

I can’t tell you how excited I was to work with Mood Fabrics as part of our contribution to the Mood Sewing Network!

When I was choosing my fabrics and projects, I knew I wanted to focus on fabrics that could incorporate seamlessly into my summer wardrobe.  I’m happy to report that each of these makes got lots of wear over the summer!

Fabric 1 – Bamboo Jersey

For this Sew House 7 Underwood Tank dress, I chose a fantastic bamboo spandex jersey from Mood Fabrics.  I had never worked with Mood’s bamboo jersey before, and let me tell you, I am SOLD.  This was definitely among the nicest bamboo jersey I’ve worked with, and while $15.99 USD per yard may seem steep to some, I can assure you that it is very affordable for high quality bamboo spandex jersey.  This fabric is amazing, and the price usually reflects that.  I will definitely purchase this fabric again, hopefully in many colorways!

The fabric was a dream to work with too.  One of the reasons I love bamboo spandex jersey for knit garments like t-shirts and dresses is that it has a little more heft than a cotton jersey or even cotton spandex jersey, and is MUCH less likely to curl in at the edges.  That makes it a lot easier to sew bands and bindings like on this dress, and it makes the hem lay really nicely.

I don’t use a coverstitch machine, so this dress is hemmed with just a basic straight stitch.  If I needed a stretchy hem, I like to use a decorative stitch, and the weight of bamboo spandex jersey makes that pretty straightforward too.

In summary, this fabric gets an enthusiastic two thumbs up from me!

Fabric 2 – Tencel Twill

For my second Mood make, I went with our own Sew Altered Style Misty Cami in a gorgeous dusty rose tencel twill from Mood.

Unfortunately this color is sold out at the moment, but don’t worry, Mood carries over a dozen colors in this fabric!

If you haven’t used tencel twill before, you are in for quite a treat!  This fabric is perfect for a pattern like the Misty Cami, which needs drape to flow nicely over the bust and waist, but also benefits from a little structure for the V neckline and straps.  Tencel twill offers both in one convenient package!

And I know I’m always going on about the price of the fabric, but again this is so affordable!  It can be hard to find really good quality fabrics at a reasonable price, but I was really impressed with some of Mood’s selection.

I would definitely recommend this tencel twill – it has a good heft and great hand.  It’s drapey but opaque.  And at $13.99 USD per yard, it’s really a hard value to beat.

I could not be happier with my Mood Fabrics makes!  They have already gotten lots of wear, and that will continue as I work from home for many months to come 🙂

Sew Altered Style
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